The easy choice

I find Donald Trump an enigma, apparently "many" (an oft used 'Trumpism') do not, although by all accounts that number is falling rapidly. Is it stubbornness, ego or misplaced confidence that he insists on being "true to himself"? While despising his politics of misinformation, lies, conspiracy theories, fear mongering and anger I find this particular trait admirable in some ways, and he certainly seems to be sticking to his self proclaimed path even as it slowly kills his own campaign. Could I support such a campaign? Well, only if the alternate was worse, and Hillary, while not close to being my ideal, will not take the country in directions that could ultimately be disastrous. It's easy to understand the initial appeal of 'The Donald', most , including me, are mightily sick of the insider culture, aversion to compromise and the business as usual politics inside the beltway. But to continue to defend a misogynist, racist and reckless candidate strikes me as blindly hoping for simple answers to complex problems in a way that smacks of desperation. DC is broken, surely; we need someone who can shake up the establishment, but not someone who could make instant decisions with disastrous consequences. At the end of the day my choice is easy, I'll take more of the same instead of a potential dictatorship of reckless ego.