Is there a silver (or BRG) lining?

The changes roll on ... So in July Tony Fernandes finally lost patience with his underperforming F1 team and sold it to a "a consortium of Swiss and Middle Eastern investors"; advised by erstwhile Jordan / Midland / Spyker / Force India team principal (and former dentist) Colin Kolles and fronted by F1 journeyman driver Christijan Albers. Given the hyper competitive world of F1 it is very early days and much too early to show much in the way of improvement over their dismal record this season, and the firing of a significant number of team staff almost immediately after the takeover will not help. The latter group have filed suit against the team for unfair dismissal and who knows where that will lead ... In the meantime Fernandes retains control of the Car company and cannot be particularly happy that the negative publicity surrounding the team will continue to be associated with Caterham itself due to the convoluted F1 rules which essentially eliminate name changes during the season. Speaking of Caterham, the new distributorship system is now in place which includes the change to selling only rolling chassis rather than kits. Prices for the new chassis have risen dramatically and I'm forced to admit that it looks to be a positive for me with respect to my investment. On the less positive side it does seem to me that it will deter those enthusiasts who wanted to save a little money and have the undoubted pleasure of knowing that they had assembled the car themselves. Caterham continue to announce new models including a Suzuki Hayabusa powered basic model that to some extent returns the car to it's simple roots, 175 HP, 11,500 RPM and very light. Quite where the company ends up in the future who knows. Can it meet Fernandes' expectations going forward, especially now that the much vaunted Renault deal has been terminated? Or will he decide to sell and devote all of his attention to his beloved airline and new toy, Queens Park Rangers? Only time will tell ...  

Service With a Smile

1200 miles have come and gone ... Jeff Sloan and his boys, well actually Bobby, have serviced and checked the car, fixed a few minor issues, working on one more and generally looked the thing over. All is well, except the OBD2 port isn't working yet, and fall is here. It's nice to use some revs, brings a smile to my face. Keep on Blatting ...

All at sea

After a year of answering 'any day now' Caterham have finally confirmed that my car has shipped. As of last week it's enjoying the late winter weather of the North Atlantic ... on to Denver and then Fort Worth. I have a birthday in late May, could this be a long awaited birthday present, fingers crossed.  

Any Day Now

The continuation of a theme ... Caterham USA tell Jeff Sloan that the last of the six kits for them was due to be picked up by the 22nd of February and shipped sometime this week. At this point I'm a bit numb about the whole thing,and not sure I believe them even now, every time I ask it's "any day now". What is the cost of not having something? I doubt Caterham know or really care. I love the car, but hate the customer service the factory has provided, which, not to put too fine a point on it, "sucks". By the time I get the car it will be at least 13 months since I gave Jeff my deposit, this is six months longer than originally promised. I am not happy about this at all.