Austin Powers

I showed the Prisoner sequence to a colleague the other day and he was blown away by the references he recognized from the Austin Powers movies. I guess Mike Myers was a fan of the Prisoner, and why not. The series is largely forgotten by many, reverred in almost cultish fashion by a few, and largely the driving force behind the tourist business in Portmeirion Wales, the place that became 'The Village'. If you visit North Wales I strongly suggest you put this charming Italianate village, designed and built by the eccentric Sir Clough-Williams-Ellis in the years between1925 and 1957, on your list of things to see; along with Caernarvon Castle, Anglesey, the Llyn Peninsula, Snowden and the Horseshoe Pass. As for Austin Powers I, for one, have had my fill ... may he rest in peace.


In these days of Paranoia there is no incentive to tell more than I need, so let me just be the Blogger. Welcome and hopefully enjoy. In life I've found that generally, things happen for a reason. Some things that had been set in motion three years ago, and which I'd almost forgotten about, came to fruition early this year and the end result of that, after much personal angst, was an order for a new Caterham Seven Supersport SV. Jeff Sloan, the owner of my friendly Fort Worth Caterham dealer,'British Auto Specialists' had been happy over the previous couple of years to put up with my infrequent visits and incessantly naive questions and finally, in April of this year, accepted the deposit that I'm sure he thought would never come. He was even gracious enough to understand when I declined to take one of the spec' cars he had in build, and instead insisted on ordering the car I wanted despite the six month wait. As I write this it's now late October, and I'm still waiting to hear from Caterham that they've begun to assemble my kit and put it into boxes for the three week journey from England to Denver and Caterham USA, and then onward to Fort Worth. That's a long way in most people's book, in mine, well, it's just the last few miles in a four and a half decade wait, trivial, don't you think. Any day now, I'm told ... have you any idea how hard it is to not get excited after 45 years, who was the idiot that said it was trivial. Any day now ... Thanks Jeff: